Abuja Woman Sues Husband For Not Granting Her Menstrual Leave

A house wife living in Gwagwa town of Abuja, had lodged a direct complaint at the Abuja Upper area court sitting in Jiwa in the FCT, asking the court to dissolve her three-year-old marriage with her husband.

The woman (name withheld) accused her husband of not granting her menstrual leave as been enshrined in the Muslim marriage law.

The law recommends that couple must abstain from sexual intercourse, in addition to excusing the wife from participating in other devotions, such as five daily prayers and fasting.

The woman told the court that her husband Khalid Idris is demanding for matrimonial relationship from her even while she is in the state of impurity, and also forcing her to observe the five daily obligatory prayers.

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Responding to the allegations, Idris denied the allegation but pleaded guilty for forcing her to observe the prayers.

He told the court that, prior to their marriage which is now bless with a baby girl, he made it as condition to her guardian that she should observe obligatory prayers even while she is in the state of menstruation, of which her guardian had accepted, as he claimed.

Judge Muhammad B. Maraba has billed today for continuation on the matter, where he asked both the woman and her husband to present their respected guardians.

However on the resume hearing, the husband stormed the court with two lawyers, while the woman presented her guardian.

The matter was later adjourned to February 13 as the court could not continue with the sitting.

21st June 2024
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