Google Map Adds New Features To Help Manage Traffic In Lagos

In a bid to help Lagosians road users to manage traffic, have a smooth journeys and make life a little easier, one of Google features – Google map is set to add more features that will help the users to shorten their journey.

Google announced that one of the features which will be coming to android users is called Mixed Transit.

This promises to help commuters plot their mixed transit options out every day choosing the fastest option available.

The idea is to use technology to reclaim a few hours every day or make good use of your time on the road, despite how Lagos traffic may seem like an insurmountable, unavoidable, and stressful part of the workday, over which it may seem it have no control.

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According to a release, “Google’s ‘Popular Times’ also as a new feature will help you decide how to better use your time.

This will be accessible through Search and Maps.

With Google’s Popular Time, one can choose to see how busy things look at your local mall or the library or the supermarket.

Furthermore, Google also announced the launch of its new app, Google Bolo app which will help parents to use their time in traffic wisely.

“Bolo is a speech-based reading app that helps kids learn how to read in English.

“Your kids can read out loud with the app, which listens to them while offering encouragement and feedback to help improve their reading skills.

”Bolo operates offline so there can be no poor coverage excuses.

“With Google map app you can now use share your ETA and location feature, with this feature.

“You can share your journey progress with anyone, via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or even email.

“Once they open your shared link in Maps, they’ll be able to track your progress with ease.

“This will help you In the same way to share an actual estimated time of arrival at home or workplace, keeping their minds at ease on those extra trafficking days.

20th June 2024
Nigerian Pantagraph