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Leg Of Lady Crushed By Patience Jonathan’s Cousin Amputated

Doctors have amputated the left leg of Seigha Atia, an ex-lover of Mr. Victor Oba, a cousin to a former First Lady, Patience Jonathan.

Oba, who is the Manager of the First Lady’s hotel, Aridolf Hotels and Spars, reportedly hit Atia, his 23-year-old ex-lover with his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), damaging her left leg beyond treatment.

Oba was said to have left the girl for dead and zoomed off after engaging in the violent act.

Though the Police in Bayelsa later arrested Oba for attempted murder, it was gathered that the influential cousin of Patience Jonathan had been set free with the police expressing unwillingness to prosecute the matter.

Atia, who was first rushed to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), by sympathisers narrated the circumstances that led to the incident.

She said: “On the day of the incident, we had an argument and he called me and asked me to come outside of our gate to get the rest of my things in his car.

“He said he was driving to our area at Ox-Bow Lake to come and give me my things since I was no longer interested in the relationship.

“He eventually showed up. He came down from his car, reached for the passenger seat, opened the door brought out two bags and handed them over to me.

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“I opened the bag and I figured out my things weren’t complete, and I told him some of my things were not there and that I would come and pick up the rest of my things.

“At this point, he started screaming saying he would not want to see me close to his house. But I insisted I would come to take other things he did not bring to me.

“At this point, he was already in his car. He started raining abuses on me calling me unprintable names. I couldn’t take it. So, I responded.

“The next thing, he drove his car into me with speed. He hit me against our gate, held me there and did not reverse his car despite the fact that I was screaming in pains.

“He later reversed and I fell to the ground and he zoomed off. My neighbors, who watched what happened screamed for help and came to my rescue.

“This relationship lasted for four months. But I decided to quit when I discovered that he was a violent person. He had hit me once, that was when everything started to take a nosedive.

“I can’t walk for now, probably I will never walk with this leg. They would have amputated this leg earlier today. But they referred me to a specialist hospital in Port Harcourt.

“They want to see whether something could still be done and it must be done very fast before it gets to my knees”.

She added: “I’m devastated, but I’m fine, i will rise above it. I feel bad, I didn’t think someone could go this extreme”.

Following the worsening condition of her leg, Atia was reportedly rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Port Harcourt, where doctors, who battled to save her life amputated her leg.

But the police authority in the state was said to be disposed to a settlement between the families of Patience Jonathan and Atia.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Asinim Butswat, said he was not aware of such negotiations adding that a case file of attempted murder had been opened on the matter.

A lawyer to the victim, Aluzu Ebikebuna, confirmed the amputation of his client’s leg describing the situation as unfortunate.

13th April 2024
Nigerian Pantagraph