Igbo Men Must Never Kneel To Propose To A Lady –Pete Edochie

A veteran actor Pete Edochie has said kneeling down to propose is totally wrong and it is not an Igbo tradition.

Edochie said it is the duty of the elders to correct the children of this generation who are following the western tradition even as he said he did not kneel to propose to his wife.

He disclosed that with his marriage now 50 years, no one had ever settled disputes for him and his wife.

Edochie added that kneeling down for a lady means handing over authority to her.

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He said the western tradition is wrong, stressing that it had no place in Igbo tradition.

The actor explained that kneeling down in front of a lady in Igbo tradition means handing over the authority to her.

He said it means she would become the head of the family.

According to him, marriage in the Igbo tradition is when a lady gives her husband-to-be wine while kneeling down, adding that this tradition signifies that the man has been accepted by the lady as her husband.

13th April 2024
Nigerian Pantagraph